Where and how do you listen to CarTalk


I dunno, Volvo, I would have said the same as you a few weeks ago…but then I did a deep dive into the posting data over the last six months. It’s quite comparable to what it was a few years ago.


I hope this community continues to grow and lives on for a long time! In my case I just joined this community about a month ago. I am 22, and have only recently started listening to CarTalk since about Dec. 2016, when I found a link to the show on NPRs website while looking for something different to listen to at work. I have now become “addicted” to the show, and listen to it almost all throughout work. I then journeyed to the website and found that it would be neat to join, ask and contribute!


Stick around, @pskilton. Welcome!


Thanks! Will do! This is a great community!


I listen the podcast while commuting mostly, on the PodKicker App for Android.

I clapped when listened their voices this weekend, while watching Cars 3! “Don’t drive like my brother!” I had to shed a tear :’(


I don’t know where you work or the conditions but while the reruns of old shows might be entertaining to you is it effecting fellow workers ?


Haha It’s more in the background than it is actively listening to it


The news releases from when this was first announced say the Car Talk website will continue, and new shows (actually reruns of older shows course) will continue to be posted for downloading. Since the weekly podcasts are the way I listen anyway, the show going off the air on most PBS stations is not much of a problem for me.

One idea for the Car Talk staff to consider @cdaquila , lobby for inserting some promos into the NPR station between-shows broadcasting mentioning that Car Talk’s website remains active, with plenty of car repair knowledgeable folks offering free advice, and that new shows are available for downloading and podcast listening each and every week. I expect even the puzzler will continue on the website.

Edit: I notice we seem to be getting quite a few OP’s from Europe than we did several years ago.


“Heads up . . . George is available online to diagnose your car for free” :smiley_cat:


Well, I guess you get what you pay for … lol …