WHAT's WRONG WITH THIS BOARD (or my computer, or me)


I log in - even select the checkbox to KEEP ME LOGGED IN, and before I can find my old post to reply, I’m logged out again!!!

I even ONCE reached my old post with WELCOME COLT HERO still displaying in the left pane, but then it STILL asked me to log in again.

Every time I re-log in, I get bounced back to the main screen with the two topics. It doesn’t stay on the screen I was just viewing (like other boards do).

What am I doing wrong here??? I’ve also tried searching for my old posts, but it doesn’t find the one I want.

How do you get to your old posts quickly and painlessly on this board? The FAQ section doesn’t mention how. Is it possible to do this without having to hit the NEXT button 100 times??


Have you tried using a different browser?


Not yet. I’m using the one that most people use and that works fine everywhere else (and worked fine with the predecessor board).

I left this board and came back and it looks like it auto-logged me in this time. Maybe KEEP ME LOGGED IN did that? I thought that feature would just keep me from being logged out by a timer - which is what I thought it was doing.

Seems to me I remember people complaining about being logged out on this board right after it changed over to this new format.


I might suggest deleting any car talk cookies and making sure the car talk address is in your trusted zone. Of course you will then need to manually log in again after deleting the cookies, but that might be the last time.


When they first started this new board, they listed a trick to stay logged in and its worked for me, but I don’t remember exactly how to do it, but it wasn’t the way you usually do it. There was a section dedicated to feedback on the new forum, but that is now somewhere in the archives, and I’m not good with archives. Try this though, do not log in when you first open the board. Then log in using the link in the upper left corner after you’ve entered the forum anonymously.


Colt Hero, try this

leave the username/password blank, click login, sign in on that page, click the keep me logged in box and click the login button


The simplest solution is (in Internet Explorer) set ALL of your browser OPTIONS to “DEFAULT LEVEL.” The button is usually on the bottom right. If you still have problems you need to disable your firewall, popup blocker, anti-spyware, anti-virus software or bypass your router. If none of those things work then uninstall, reboot, then reinstall your browser software.


Well it hit me after I posted my prior message. I logged back in, but will will see if I have a problem next time.

I just remembered I turned protected mode on since I was last on. I have turned it off now and I will see what happens next time.

OK I am back and this time protected mode is off and I was automatically logged on. I suspect it was protected mode.

I don’t recall protected mode with my XP computer. I am now working with Vista In the IE of Vista that I am working with the bottom line of the IE window shows the “Protected Mode Off/On” and you can change it by double clicking on those words.


Reboot, windows is sending you updates?