Problem logging in

Has anyone else had a problem logging in? I can log in under my normal user name, so I created a new log in to post this. It tell me I can’t be found under my old user name, but it I can’t pick that name because its in use. So just wondering if there is a problem.

I can log in under my new name but not under my old one.

“Sorry, no account could be found related to the email/username and password you entered.”

is the message I get.

Under your old name, when you attempt to log-in hit the forgot password button or perhaps it is the reset password button. They will email you a link that you use to reset your password. The link will accept your old password if you don’t want to change it. Just type the password you want, then type it again to confirm it and hit send. That worked for me.

Well, looks like I’m not alone here. Uncle Turbo, rwee, I had the very same trouble last Saturday, and I first tried the same approach as you did, rwee, without any success. I just couldn’t understand why I was having this trouble, became extremely frustrated and called it quits for the night. The next day, I attempted a log-in again, but I hit “Forgot Password”, and changed it. Now, once again, I can get back into the system without a problem. Must be something wrong with their system on this website.

I think this system was set up by MIT undergrads as a class project. It uses an old version of HTML markup language with half of the tags disabled. The tag is still enabled, as you can see.

Why log out? I have never logged out or logged in (except for the first time).

Hi, I am sorry for this inconvenience. I will pass on the information about the issues to the Vanilla folks and let you know if I learn anything. Until then, I urge you to use the reset password function if you are unable to log in. Can you please tell me if you’re using a particular browser?

It happened to me too a couple or a few days ago so I used the “Forgot Password” feature and used my same password. All is well. I was and am using Firefox.

I have no trouble logging in but can only see my posts if I am signed in. Bug or feature? Firefox 3.0.19

I send word from Whitey that he isn’t able to log in.

My browser is Firefox.

Firefox also, trying the forgot password. And will get back to you

OK the reset worked.

Mechaniker I “log out” when I clean my system. I clean my system weekly, scan my reg file weekly, defrag monthly, I also search for programs (apps) I no longer use or that need updating. It’s just the maintenance I do to my computer. So once a week I need to log in.

Thank for the help.

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