Issues with the board


Ive had to log back on six different times tonight while going through the boards. The site keeps logging me off while answering posts. When I try to log back on, I have to enter my name and password 2 or 3 times before it will log me on. Anyone else having the same issues???



Same thing for me. Log on, answer a question, and find out you have to log on again.
This thing needs some work.


I have the same problem transman.
~Michael (just logged in again!)


Yep, same issue here too?

Went over and posted a notice about it on the feedback arena.



I have never experienced this problem, even going to a different sight, and coming back I am still logged in, I am using Firefox. I wonder if this is a IE thing?


It works fine for me. But aside from this, who cares? This new board still sucks. I think we need to get Ash of Evil Dead to come by and unload his boomstick on this evil board, send it back to hell where it belongs.


I’m still not too keen on this new layout either. Figured after a week or so of becoming accustomed to it things might be better. I like the old one.


I only signed on to this board this morning (June 20th). It seems to work okay for me but I don’t know what the old board was like. This new board may be infested with a few lingering gremlins from the great cosmos.

I discovered this forum while seeking some answers about problems with my new car which is still under “warranty” and is an unfunny joke.

I like this board and I’m happy I found it – lots of cooperative and knowledgeable people on here with good advice and informative comments to share. I’m going to spread the site around.

Thanks to all. I’ve said some good things about this forum. Am I a nice guy or what?

It seems you have to agree with the Terms of Service everytime you post. It took me an hour to read them and I still don’t know what it says. A one-time agreement upon registering should be enough.


Hell, OK4450, I like damn near every other board out there on the internet better than this one.


You wont have to check that little box when you post as long as you are logged in.



No logon here, and no problem encountered. This is a new site and has some teething problems that I expect will be worked out.


I dunno if the trick still works or not, but if you leave the nick/pass fields empty and hit login, it’ll take you to a different screen that has a little check box to remember you on each visit. It’s worked for me so far.


I logged in once, the first day of the new format and have been automatically logged in every-time since then, never been dropped. I’m using safari on a mac.


Hi Transman,
How’re you making time to get on here?

Lots of things to fix on this site and my emails tell me they’re still working on them.

Maybe we just need a little more patience, after all, we don’t have to pay to use this site do we?

I like to have things work right too, but like this Vista I bought, the bugs need to be worked out.

I have to use Firefox too in order to read the text on most sites as my IE isn’t set up to increase or decrease the font size on demand. Bummer.

The hazards of prototypes.


We need a LOT of the old boards’ aspects here.


I agree, I like just about every other forum design better than this one.

I used to log onto CarTalk once a day, or at least several times a week. Tonight is the first time in about three weeks, and it still sucks.


Ditto on the new board complaints. This new board was an unpleasant surprise after a long Memorial Day vacation. The great “old” threads were lost and I’ve been bounced and “bugged” by this new board.

Maybe price/cost is an issue with cartalk not using the well proven board software that’s out there. If I had a vote, I’d vote to return the old board. I honestly don’t see the benefit from this board format??? I do give CarTalk credit for trying though…

For you bleeding-edge Vista early adopter’s this must be business as usual :slight_smile:


By the way, I also do not like the way a reply to a previous poster will be “lost in the middle” of the thread. I think the newest posts should be on the bottom with the “reply to” identified in the header like in the old board. This new board format disrupts the natural flow of a discussion IMHO.


I just got booted again and my two posts came up as anonymous. My reply post is also out of chronological order. This is a test to see if my user name finally comes out.

I’m afraid we might be losing a few folks because of this…


I am not able to quote.

I am not able to track the new posts, on the old system I could figure where I left out-granted my wife is thrilled, I spend less time on the net.

The replies that pop up in the middle of the page, whose idea was that?

Whoever designed this format was very much into “basic” programming or it is just too advanced for me.