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Having issues with staying logged in

For some reason whether I am logged in or not as I change pages, it is getting sporadic. Anyone else having an issue with this?

I’m not having an issue with logging in with IE but yesterday it was really unresponsive. For a while couldn’t get in with IE so switched to Firefox, then when that got unresponsive switched back to IE. Haven’t tried Chrome yet.

Me, for the last 6 months.
Before, I used to stay logged in and was return without logging in again. I am using Firefox, the browser recalled the login and password, but sometimes would not log me in automatically and it is getting more frequent.

Having the same issue on an iPad1 with Safari.


I am having EXTREME problems staying logged in

It has gotten ridiculous this past weekend

There has been some log-in problems today for me also with it being hit and miss; with emphasis on the miss.

Ditto here on the computer. Using Firefox, find myself having to log in repeatedly for no reason.

No issues on smartphone though.

Me too now. Hit sign in, and switches to sign out or the edit page. Got the overload message a few times too.

Having major issues myself. I submitted a query to see who knows what. Thank you for passing it on.

Yes, I got the overload message too several times last night.

“Using Firefox, find myself having to log in repeatedly for no reason.”

Me too, for months.

IF this post works, then it will actually be the first post that I have been successful with since late yesterday. It seems that when I click on, “Post Comment”, I get a 503 error message, and then my post disappears into cyberspace.

Count me as another one having login issues.

I WAS going to say that the problem seemed to clear up, I had to manually log on this morning, but I stayed logged on until I clicked on this thread, then I found myself not logged on again.

I show being logged in but my post doesn’t.

Me too. iPad retina with Safari.

Today so far, OK

Everything’s fine today . . .

From my perspective, it appears to be fixed.

I usually get logged off if I use my “back” button. This has been going on for a long time. I no longer use the back button but use “Alt” and arrow left or right. You can also hold the back button for a second or two and select the page you want from the drop down menu.