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What's the car in front of the Treasury building on the old $10?

I read a speculation it was a 1928 Hupmobile.
10 dollar bill

Google it, several articles. Here’s a good one:

Some say it was a 1925 Hupmobile but the scalloped radiator doesn’t seem to match. Others say it was meant to be a composite of the vehicles from that time. It was before my time and I’m not sure you can rely on Wiki all the time. They are just people like us.

Edit: Having looked at the above link and looked at images, I change my mind and also believe it is a 1927(8) Ford Model A. I guess you have to remember that it is an engraving, not a picture, so the engraver doesn’t necessarily need to draw everything as it would be in real life.

A Ford Model A was my guess too.