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Have old picture

…but would love to know what the car is. Is there a way to post a picture? It is my grandmother who won the car as a top sales person and I THINK it is in the 1920s. But need someone who knows cars to help me out. Thanks! Pam

You may have to answer your own question, and then attach a file?


Some of the guys can post pictures directly in their replies but I don’t know how to do it…Or you can post the picture on a file-sharing site then post the URL to that picture here…

Is the picture on some photo web site? You can paste the link to the photo in your reply. If it’s on your computer, try the ‘attach file’ button.

Picture try. Yes! Just locate the picture on your computer and attach it to your post.

That’s some rugged terrain, Caddyman. Is that your place, or just a generic photo?

Let’s try this. Thanks for your answers!

Looks like an early 20’s Model T to me.

I think you’re right, looks a lot like this '20 T:

For sure the OP’s photo is of a Model T Ford.

Pam, just remember that Model T looked like this for years, so we can’t give you an exact year, along with the fact that the car might have been several years old when the picture was taken.

The easiest way to post a picture is to attach it to your post. However, you can only upload certain formats like JPEG or GIF pictures, and the site compresses them to a particular size if they are large pictures.

The better way to post pictures is to host them on a free picture hosting site. I use Once the picture is posted there, all you have to do is copy the IMG link to your post, like so:

The IMG link is just he URL of the picture with (IMG) at the beginning, and (/IMG) at the end, only the parentheses () are replaced with brackets [].

While we are sharing, here is a pic you might enjoy.

I took both of these on my recent vacation.

I think it’s at least a 1917. Before that, the front fenders on the convertibles were more angled rather than rounded. If the OP had a pic of the other side it would be easier to narrow it down by looking at the spare.

I could be wrong, but I think that particular model was called a Phaeton. If I’m incorrect and the Phaeton name was not in use yet, I’m sure soemone will correct me. And yes, I agree with Shadow that it was late 1920s.

hehe. Phaeton was a Model A body style. I believe that’s a model-T Touring. The other side would tell us if it was late 20’s or not (if there’s a 4th door, it’s 1926 or newer) but I suspect from the quality of the photograph that it was taken in the early 20’s

That’s the only picture I had ready to post on this computer…It’s a shot of my neighbors house down in Mexico, 35 miles north of Guaymas near the village of Tastiota in Sonora…Taken last September after hurricane Jimenez stalled over this area and dumped 25" of rain in 24 hours…The now dry wash was once a road level with his driveway…The ocean can be seen on the right edge of the picture…He could not get out to the paved highway (8 miles away) for 2 weeks…

You all are awesome no matter what Click and Clack say. :slight_smile: Thanks for all the input. Just trying to tap into some new photos about my family and there isn’t much in the way of documentation.