What would my MG ZR 05 plate be worth SCRAP

Ive had quotes online from £50 to £250
Its been sat on my drive for 3 years, Head gasket has gone on it.
All the sites say as long as it has all it parts “Working or not” and has 4 wheels “A complete car” then it does not matter about what’s broken or what condition car is in.

Is that £250 offer a good offer and is that best Im going to get or would it be worth asking local scrap yards.

Has anyone ever used an online site to scrap there car.

Thank you

You can ask, but I doubt you’ll get a better offer than that. Scrap yards usually offer the lowest amounts. When I scrapped my 05 Town & Country a few years ago I think they gave us $150 cash (I think that’s roughly 108-110 pounds).

No I used a local scrap yard that came and took the car away for us.

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I give all my old beaters to charity. They will tow your car in any condition for free to the closest participating scrap yard and give you a nice tax receipt for it…usually $500. The kidney foundation is one of them

I assume that you are located in The UK. This is a US-based site, and probably 99% of our regulars live in The US.
Things could be different in The UK, so I doubt if any of us are truly qualified to answer your question.

Things could well be different in The UK.

Only the scrap yard can answer that question .

The tax deduction only works if you are one of less than 10 percent that can still itemize ans then, if you are in the 22% bracket it will only net you a $110 reduction in your tax bill for a $500 donation.

I was confused about the initial post, I thought he was asking how much his license plate was worth as scrap.

Yes, that is all true in the US, but the OP is not located in The US. I doubt if any of us are knowledgeable about the policies of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Department. Yes, that is their name for what we call Internal Revenue.

£250 ls within the price guides that are available online for a private party sale, particularly being a mechanic’s special. You should still check with local scrap yards.

I was in California and rusted old sports cars sold for around $700. I junked an 89 Oldsmobile that ran. Too bad. It was my only car that didn’t smoke or leak. It just had too many other problems. Good thing you don’t own an Olds.

I always think it is worth a try to sell such a car as a “whole parts car” to a private party. It is surprising how many people will do a lot of work on their own car and need parts. (I am not suggesting that you sell individual parts, but that is also a way of handling it.)


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