Scrapping a Car

So my 2000 4runner threw a rod, I have all the relevant info to get this and some other stuff repaired. The other option I’m considering is scrapping it and putting the money towards something new. I have a couple of questions

What can I expect to get for it?

What’s the best way to go about scrapping it?

Worth trying to sell it without an engine?

Any help much appreciated, I know nothing about scrapping cars.

When I scrap a vehicle, I call a local auto recycler to come and get it. Sign the title and put in the front seat and remove the license plates. What you get for the vehicle depends on it’s overall condition and what’s wrong with the vehicle. In your case, you may get a $100.00 for it.


List it on craigslist as a “Parts Car”…Don’t YOU sell parts off it, the buyer must take the entire vehicle. 4-Runners are very popular and the body parts and the rest of the driveline are sought after. You might get a grand for it…

Right now my local car crushre is paying $130 a ton just for scrap. That thing has to weigh close to two tons. I like the idea of trying craigs list first. It’s free. If it doesn’t sell there, you can always sell it by the pound. Of course either way is dependent on where you live.