Should I sell my 2002 Dodge Stratus for 250 dollars to a salvage dealer?

Its spraying oil, cutting off, and smoking from fuel injector.I was told I need a rebuilt engine. Are there any salvage dealers in Greensboro Nc that pay more than that?

Get a 2nd opinion on what it needs. Seems a little early to condem a car unless it was abused or neglected.

I know its not ready for the junkyard but, I need some money and I have another car.Im quite sure the junkyard wont scrap my car theyre going to fix it and sell it to someone.The body is great.Ive been told it will cost 4500 to fix. Of course I dont have that and dont know when I will have it.

Sounds like a bogus diagnosis to me also.

Put it on craigslist or similar-- I’m sure there’s a shadetree mechanic in your area who would be happy to give you a thousand or so if the car is otherwise in good shape. You could also part it out yourself. It’s worth a lot more than 250 bucks in parts anyways-- heck, there’s probably individual parts on this car that are worth more than 250 bucks!

ok thanks

OK thanks

If you decide to sell parts, make sure you have a place to store the car off the street. Even then, you will need a thick skin. Your neighbors probably won’t be happy. After you’ve sold the parts, you should tow it to a junk yard. As Jack said, there might be someone who wants it for personal use. If not to repair, they might want to salvage the parts. Best offer takes it!

But, first dig around on this URL and find the place where people recommend mechanics and have a real mechanic look at it once. This last winter, my son in Danville, VA told me his wife’s car wouldn’t start, and a local mechanic told them the motor was frozen and it would cost like $1500 (I forget exact amount). I showed him the recommendations, and they found a recommended mechanic who quickly discovered the a/c was frozen. They chose to have the belt removed, and drove it off.

IF,IF,IF it is really to expensive to repair, $250 is a fair price for a salvage yard to give. I am not saying it is only worth that much. What I am saying is a salvage yard would pay about this much, Even if the body is in great shape.

But if you have the space and a way to haul, i.e, a pickup, you could part it out yourself and haul it to a scrap metal yard. I know guys who do this since scrap is about $220 a ton.