Scrap car

I have an 97 chevy lumina with internal engine problems. I was wondering if it was worth anything, or if I should just scrap it

That one’s ready for the bone-yard!


It’s worth more scrapped than whole.

OK, so I am extremely car ignorant. How would one even start to scrap it out and get anything for it. I don’t want to have to pay money to make it go away

If the neighbors are ok with you having a carcass laying around you could do it but you need a way to haul the parts to the scrap metal yard. Basically, take the car apart and sell the metal. I suggest you call a scrap yard first and get some guidelines. In my town you cannot “stuff the car”. That means don’t haul the carcass in with the interior full of rotors, drums, cat. convertors, interior pieces, etc. Drain fluids. You will have to spend some money to rent an engine hoist, pick up truck if you don’t have one. Good luck.

Look on the internet or in your local phone book for Auto Recyclers in your area. If the vehicle doesn’t run, they’ll just haul it away for free.


Look in the local paper or local ‘free’ classified magazines. There are junk haulers here in Atlanta that will pay you for junk cars. Some as much as $500.

The other option is to donate it to DAV (disabled vets) or others for the tax write off if any but be careful. They’ll arrange to come get it at no charge and do what they can with it. I’d be on the phone in a hurry if someone tried to dismantle a car outside in my neighborhood.

You can put the car in your driveway for a while and advertise it “for parts”, and put an attractive price on it. If it does not sell, you can call the nearest wrecking yard and they will likey pick it up for free. If you can get a friend with a truck to tow it to the yard, they will pay about 2+ cents/pound, or about $60 or more.

Whatever you do, don’t leave this thing sitting around for very long; my city has a by-law against “derilect” cars visible from the street.