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'91 Chrysler Imperial ABS

Our mechanic says that the entire ABS system needs to be replaced (after it took him 3 weeks, 3 months ago, to come up with parts for some of the ABS) but NO parts are available after scouring Ebay and calling junkyards in multiple states. Is there a comparable Dodge with parts that would work, or another make/model of car? Or are we just SOL and have to get another car?

Why don’t you just drive it with non-ABS brakes?

The brakes will still work, you just won’t have the anti-lock function. It will be just like the old days, before there was ABS.

I think it might help if you defined “the entire ABS system.” Are you talking about the ABS computer? There are quite a few parts in the system.

You could just drive the car without the ABS feature.
Unless there is damage or excess wear on the master cylinder, calipers, flexible brake lines, etc, the brake’s hydraulic system should function just as braking systems always did prior to the advent of ABS.

However, you should consider that the build-quality of these cars was not very good to begin with. Then, when you factor in the inevitable breakdown of the luxury accessories on a 20 year old car, this car’s best days are definitely behind it.

I would suggest that you begin shopping for a replacement vehicle, and in the meantime just drive carefully. After all, most of us did survive in the era prior to ABS brakes.

From what I was told, everything between the master cylinder and the brake pedal has to be replaced.

Forget about the ABS. How many times to do have to panic stop? Just make sure the brakes are functioning properly and the brake parts are widely available.

excellent point missleman…

Many of us drove for 30+ years without ABS and lived through it.

The Bendix-10 ABS uses hydraulic pressure in place of the vacuum booster, without a functioning pump the brake pedal is very hard.

Recall #685 covers the replacement of the acuator piston and hydraulic pump/motor. However the parts may be no longer available.

I have seen cars retrofitted with vacuum booster and master cylinder, installing those parts is not expensive or difficult. Rerouting the brake lines may be a challenge.

I woulden’t bother looking for used ABS parts but for non ABS parts (brake lines, booster, master cylinder and proportioning valve) the 1990-1994 Imperial and Fifth Avenue are both Y bodys and Dynasty and New Yorker are C bodys (shorter wheel base).

Thank you. Not stuck on having ABS, but the brakes are non-functioning at the moment. As this is a much needed second car in a household that works non-standard hours, I’m getting desperate to find a way to make them functioning.

Nevada_545, that’s exactly the information I was looking for - Thank you. Now I have to weigh parts plus effort versus getting a different car.

If ABS problem is causing an extremely hard brake pedal, the problem is with the ABS control modulator. Chrysler is suppost to warranty the ABS system for the life of the vehicle for this problem. However the ABS components of the system are now obsolete and are no longer available.

The wife’s 90 Jeep Cherokee had the same ABS system as your vehicle, and the modulator was replaced once under the lifetime warranty seven years ago. However, when the modulator failed again last year, the modulator was no longer available thru anyone. So the Jeep went to the scrap yard.