What to do about unavailable monitoring systems modules?

We owned a 91 Grand Cherokee years ago where the ABS went out.

When this would happen, the brake pedal would get rock hard and it took all the force your leg could produce to get the vehicle to stop.

The wife couldn’t drive the vehicle.

When I looked into replacing the ABS module, I discovered Chrysler had a secret warranty for the ABS for the vehicle.

I contacted the dealer, and was told as long as I owned the vehicle, the ABS was warranted for life, and to to bring the vehicle in and it would be repaired for free.

Four years go by, and the ABS fails again.

Bring it to the dealer, and it’s repaired for free.

Two years go by, and it fails again.

Dealer tells me they would repair it again, only, they can’t get anymore ABS pumps/modules

The stock got used up from replacing parts on all the vehicles under the warranty, and the manufacturer stopped making the parts years ago.

But I could convert it over to non-ABS by swapping parts from a vehicle that didn’t have ABS.

The vehicle had over 200,000 miles on it and was starting to rust.

So, off to the bone yard!



Other than Module Masters, already mentioned above, I know of know company that rebuilds automotive electronic modules. And I doubt even MM rebuilds yours. You might surf over to Summit Racing’s website, might get an idea there.

This is one of the problems with computerized cars, if a computer module fails, and module is no longer available, the car owner if often out of luck, has to buy a new car and scrap the old one. As you might expect, that’s what the car manufacturers would like also … lol … I don’t see this problem getting better anytime soon, probably never. I have an oven with a broken control module, and I’ve tried but am not able to figure out what is wrong. There are companies who will repair it, but the fee is nearly the same as a new oven. My solution is to use a small electric counter-top oven instead. I don’t really need an oven actually. In the meantime I’m checking used and free-appliance websites. I’ve found a few already, but the appliances have been taken by somebody else before me.

In your case you’ll either need to figure out a mickey mouse solution, buy the module used from a wrecked ABS-compatible vehicle (which is likely only a 99 Savana), or (per above post) check with the dealership, play your cards right, maybe they’ll be able to offer up a solution. A no-abs solution would work for me, I’ve never had a vehicle with abs, so I wouldn’t know what I’m missing. Note that simply disabling the ABS module might not turn the car into a standard non-ABS configured car. Other changes to the braking system may also be required.

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I was just going to add that the vehicle is a little old for savage yards to still have but if you search for another part and find the correct vehicle, it might be worth a call to ask about the module. Now French lake auto parts north of Minneapolis specializes in old cars, but may be a little new for them.

Tell me more about this. I cannot believe that this is something a professional shop would do, let alone a dealership service dept. due to liability concerns. I am just curious. I have a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado in “work truck” trim, and it has a defective ABS controller, so the ABS and BRAKE warning lights are always lit…but the brakes work fine. I don’t drive the truck very often, but I also don’t like having warning lights on constantly if there is a reasonably economical solution.

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I never said the dealer would convert it to non-ABS, and probably wouldn’t.

It was suggested by the service writer at the dealer.

If the primary brake warning light is on, the ABS light will automatically turn on and the ABS won’t function.

Find out why the primary brake light is on, fix that so the light turns off, and the ABS light might also turn off and ABS function might return.


Thanks – I will follow-up.

Fishing Dave

Don’t forget the Car Talk Special Black Dashboard Tape (only $29.99 on their website…;).

Cures any number of flashing lights I don’t want to see.

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Thanks for the comment – I am still hopeful I can get the ABS system up and working properly before turning off the light.

Fishing Dave

That’s not a Grand Cherokee. That’s a Cherokee.


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