What size injecters would I need for a turbo setup

I have t3/t4 turbo and I need to know wit size injecters I will need. The turbo has not been installed yet. I also need to know will a 20 psi fuel pump by holly be enough for my turbo setup.

You’ll get better answers if you post to a forum specific to your car. Just google it.

What kind of Duesenberg do you have? Mine came with a supercharger.

You’ll likely get a better answer if you specify what kind of car and engine you are working with.

This turbo is not for that Honda you post about that is barely working right?

Get your car running properly/fixed before adding Frankenstein parts to it.

Sorry it’s a 2000 Honda accord with a f23 in it.

What did the “drag racing mechanic” have to say?

A 20 PSI fuel pump is not enough pump for any fuel injection system at all; turbo or not.
That pump sounds like one made for high performance carburetion use with a fuel pressure regulator.

If you’re wanting to squeeze some power out this family sedan you’re goint to want to start with something stronger. A H22 from a Prelude would serve you better.

If you are serious about putting a turbo on the car, bring it to someone who knows how to do it and has lots of experience.

From the wording of your question, it seems like you do not have the knowledge and experience to do this yourself.

We LOVED our Accords…GREAT vehicles…EXTREMELY reliable…fun to drive…HOWEVER…they AREN’T anywhere near the list of cars I’d consider putting a Turbo Charger on.