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Were can I find an installation manual for a t3/t4 turbo kit

I need help finding installation intructions for a t3/t4 turbo kit for a 2000 Honda accord with an f23 motor in it.

With this type of upgrade, you’re pretty much expected to do a custom install, i.e.: figure it out yourself.

You mean instructions don’t come with the “kit?” Doesn’t the seller of the turbo provide installation instructions?

I hope you installed a forged crank/connecting rods. Otherwise you’re engine is not going to run for very long. Also don’t expect miracles. You’re still going to get smoked by Trans-Ams, Z28/SS Camaros, 350Zs, most V8 Mustangs, WRXs, Evos, V6 Altimas, Newer V6 Accords, M3s, 335is, Lightnings, V8 Chargers, Hemi 300Cs, Hemi Magnums, Most SHO’s, Mini Cooper S’s, Mazdaspeed 3’s, Mazdaspeed 6’s , SRT-4’s, and the new Tunrda pickups.

Going into boost a lot with factory timing specs can also work wonders on the pistons and valves.

Try a search engine like or

Have you tried contacting the folks who sold you the kit? If it was sold to you without instructions, take that up with the seller or use a search engine.

And by “wonders”, ok4450 is referring to the incredible damage that will be done to the pistons and valves by improper detonation. Also, as FoDaddy mentioned, without beefing up the crankshaft and connecting rods, the engine will not stay in one piece for very long once the turbo is used.

Personally, I would also put in heavier main bearings. By the time that you are done with all of the necessary upgrades, the cost of this project will be very high, making me question the wisdom of investing this much money in a 9 year old car.

You did upgrade the fuel injectors so more fuel is delivered when the turbo spools up?


and the radiator as well? It’ll get pretty hot under the hood with the super heated exhaust fumes