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Turbo chargers

iam a first time owner of a new car and am wopndering how dificlut it would be for me to install a turbo charger my self?..and how much of a hp increase can i expect?

I don’t recommend it. The engine may not be designed to run with the added boost and you may have preignition problems and do damage. And you’d also need to reprogram the computer.

Having said that, there are a lot of aftermarket kits available for lots of cars, especially ricers. But you need to know what you’re doing, be willing to spend the money to do it properly, and be willing to accept the likely adverse affect on reliability. Simply bolting on a Turbo just isn’t realistic.

You need to learn a lot before you decide to install a blower on your car. It is all very model and engine-specific. It would be a lot cheaper to blow up your engine with nitrous oxide.

Don’t forget that either will void your new car warranty.

Here are some “bolt on” kits from Summit Racing for 4 cyl Hondas and Nissans.

They’re not cheap.

Ed B.

You were asking about chipping your car to get an extra 100hp. Basically there is not much you can do to get more power out of a 02 Accent. If you really want to make something fast, buy something that you can work on. I bought a 76 Nova 9C1 (the old police car) for $800 when I was 18. That was something to work on and was a riot to drive. Do yourself a favor and don’t try to trick out your daily driver.

I’m curious as to what this new car is you bought. If it’s so slow to begin with, why did you buy it?

the new car is a 02 accent , i baught it as a first car becuse its practical , its small and cheap on gass and a standard so i baught it…but i was juss looking to put a little more prep under the hood, but nothing to the point that i will need new tires in 2 weeks

dont do it,you will kill it. its an accent,if you have alot of cash and its just for fun,WELL IN THAT CASE YOU WILL HAVE A HUGE SMILE . for a very short time. so have at it.


i baught it as a first car becuse its practical , its small and cheap on gass and a standard so i baught it…but i was juss looking to put a little more prep under the hood, but nothing to the point that i will need new tires in 2 weeks

If you put a turbo on you loose the cheap on gas part. The cheap part will also go away, because you will easily spend 5000 or more on this project. As far as needing new tires in two weeks, your motor or transmission will blow out long before that. I would look for kits, and try to gather some information on them. Fitting a turbo is not easy, but you should do some research first.

On a small engine, the time it takes for the turbo to spool up eliminates any off the line performance unless you rev the engine really high and hold it there.

However if you are looking for some tireshredding power, ride it out, use the vehicle to do what it is supposed to do and get something you can work with as your next car.

Also test drive a car with a small engine and a turbo to decide it that is what you really want.
Good luck in your efforts.

Put your money in the bank so when your car breaks down (they all do eventually) you can afford to fix it.

Just go out and buy a faster car and then leave it alone! You will be money ahead in the long run.
If you become tempted to modify that faster car once the novelty of the extra power wears off, then ask yourself “how fast will my car have to go before it’s finally fun to drive, before I finally won’t get bored with it???” Endless mods are a great way to turn your car into a money pit that consumes so much of your disposable income that you may as well be flying an airplane.

In addition, no matter how fast you make your car, there will always be somebody else out there who has a even faster car, and nearly all of the women you date won’t give a rodent’s anus how fast your old beater can go.

You can buy a bolt-on kit, but unfortunately this kit will not include new main bearings and new rod bearings. The existing bearings in the Accent’s engine were not designed for the power boost that a turbocharger would add and now that there is at least 6 years of wear on those bearings, I would not expect them to last very long after the installation of a turbocharger.

My advice is to save your money and buy a more powerful car when you have the money for it. Adding a turbocharger to that Accent will put you in a situation of needing a new engine or a new car very soon, and that cost, coupled with the cost of the aftermarket turbocharger, will be more costly than simply tolerating this vehicle until you have the money to buy a more powerful car.

While it can be done adding a turbo to an accent is nothing short of folly. It’s unlikely that the stock internals will put up with much boost. You’ll be seriously compromising the reliability of the vehicle. With that said, personally I have a kenny bell supercharger on my Mustang, in the intrest of not grenading the engine I only run 6 pounds of boost. Somewhere along the line I’d like to install forged pistons/rods/crank and up the boost. But until then it’s prudent not to go overboard with the boost. Also when installing a turbo or supercharger there are a number of supporting mods that should be done. You’ll want an uprated fuel pump, bigger injectors, possibly a bigger radiator, a better flowing exhaust, and a custom ECU tune. This is not an undertaking to be taken lightly. To do it right you’ll need a lot of time and a lot of money.

If it were mine, I’d get a set of custom cut 22" magnum wheels, Chrome with the hubs that spin for half an hour after you stop at a light. Then I’d put a set of skins on it that are around 1/2" bigger than the rims so you’ll have that low rider look.

Now that you got the wheels, you’ll need to cut the suspension down about 2" so your bumpers will be 3/4" off the ground. No sense in being able to run over a dead squirrel in the road. Just use the air dam as a bull dozer to scrape it off so the next car behind you doesn’t have to see squirrel guts on the highway.

Of course you’ll need an earthquake machine to go on the inside. One of those stereos that plays 30hz and below loud enough to vibrate a D11 dozer off it’s tracks. Goodness knows with your new suspension and tires, your car will be hooked solidly enough to the ground to transmit the soundwaves directly into the earth. Heck, China will probably register your radio as a 6.7 earthquake.

You’ll need a big wing on the hind end of it to catch all the air you can to hold that hind end down in case your car gets loose from all that front wheel drive power of the 4 cylinder engine with a turbo, chip, NOS, and blower on it. A ground effects package would really add value to it by lowering the rest of the car.

Then of course there’s the obligatory paint job with flames and a dead skull pirate across the hood. Everybody needs one of those.



Very good, Skipper!

Don’t forget the neon underneath, so everyone can see his pimp ride coming at night. :slight_smile:

And the fart tube muffler with a 7" diameter tailpipe so that 4 banger can breathe freely! And so all the hot chicks can hear you coming from a mile away. Hot chicks LOVE loud muffler sounds, especially on an 02 Accent.

If hot chicks loved loud exhaust I would be made in the shade! Oh, wait do you mean from the car? Damn.

Don’t worry, they probably like both types equally :wink:

I jest about slap forgot about the weed eater muffler with the 8" exhaust tip on it. You’d think there was a big Detroit in some of those cars with that zaust sticking out the back. One thing about it, that would make it tough to hook up a hose pipe to so you could gulf that stuff down in a hole to run the rats out of the corn crib.