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Turbo? On 2006 Dodge Charger r/t 5.7

I have a 06 Dodge charger rt 5.7 I have new valve’s header intake manifold and other small upgrades but I was wondering how much work would it take to put a turbo in the vehicle I know superchargers are common but not a turbocharged dodge charger…need feedback

duplicate post.

I have on multiple sites no one knows anything and the internet doesn’t give me the info that I’m looking for like what would I have to replace in order to put a turbo on and run safely 9-15 psi safely?

What compression does your engine currently have? If it has low enough compression you can safely boost it. Typically the weak link is in the crank, rods, or pistons when boosting. Upgrading the exhaust system and porting your heads would also be beneficial. You should also have some aftermarket head studs installed to better withstand the boosted pressure.

If you can safely add a super charger to a stock engine than a turbo is the same. You just need to build your exhaust, swap out injectors, throttle body, and re program your computer. I’d be surprised if there is not a kit out there for this conversion. It is likely pretty expensive and even more expensive if you have a shop do it for you. Be prepared for $5,000 + if you have a shop do it.

I can guarantee you are not the first person to turbo this car/engine. I think a dodge forum is the better place for your inquiry.

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He meant that you posted this twice on this site.

My bad didn’t mean to post twice

If I can remember correctly I believe the compression is around 180 I believe

Safely run 15 lb boost on a stock engine? No way!

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It’s not completely stock got aftermarket Pistons valves and intake manifol/headers and some other small parts I know I need to get a better Cam. …anymore suggestions

It’s not completely stock

Here’s the Hot Rod article on the stock 5.7, got 627 hp for $3,900:

They ran 7 psi of boost. To go higher you’ll need to strengthen the rods and crankshaft, I’d think. That’s what they did on their second build, spent BIG $$, got BIG HP:

I doubt anyone here has the specific info you’re asking for.

Have you googled this? Lots of info. Check the Hot Rod Magazine web site for their turbo 5.7 projects. Also a Hemi forum would probably have more info.

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Yes I google it it Dosnt really provide the info I need it tells me how much boost and bla bla bla but if I run let’s say 9-15psi what would I need to replace because honestly I’m not to sure if the stock parts can handle it like I said I have aftermarket headers/ valves/ pistons/ intake manifold …im not to familiar with turbos on V8s

I consolidated the two threads, btw.

You replaced the valves? Why? And why not have the heads cleaned up while they were out?

Would probably have to be a custom (re: expensive) setup. There’s no reason why it couldn’t be done, but superchargers are generally more practical for this application.

A forged crank, your stock crank is cast
Forged rods, your stock rods are powdered
Forged pistons, your stock pistons are cast

Basically plan on rebuilding your bottom end. Word on the street is that the stock internals are good for up to around 500 RWHP. Unless your plan on a comically small turbo, you’ll be grossly exceeding that. You’ll probably also need bigger injectors and beefier fuel pump or a secondary fuel pump.

Your car’s compression ratio is 9.6:1

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Just put a 150hp nitrous kit on it.

I can’t address your question directly, but in add’n to the two Hot Rod magazine articles mentioned above, just a couple of issues ago they had a cover article on a frugally priced $750 turbo kit that you buy mail order apparently. I doubt that’s what you’ll end up doing, but it might be an informative read as they ran up against a slew of practical problems, parts interference, turbo control issues, etc and they showed how they addressed each of them one by one.

I know STS have a turbo kit for the rt 5.7. Might be a good idea to contact them.

Who did the work to pull the heads and rebuild them? Maybe ur a good wrench ur self and can install a turbo? But turbo headers kinda screw over ur new headers u just put on. My neighbor was thinking of putting sst headers on his maurader but they cost about $1100. Maybe charger headers are cheap?