What is the Most Reliable Year for the Jaguar S Type 4.2 Model?

I am recently heartbroken as I’ve had to let my second S Type Jaguar go bye bye. For the past 15 years I have owned 2003 and 2005 4.2 models. It seems that 160K miles has been the “kiss of death” with repairs averaging more than the vehicles were worth. Still, a tear comes to my eye when I pass a S Type still on the road. :cry: Now that I have time to search, I’m wondering what was the most reliable, lowest maintenance year that the 4.2 or even R model was produced? Thank you all in advance for your advise!

I’m not sure that I’d put Jaguar and reliability in the same sentence, myself. But based on your experience, apparently I’m wrong.

I’d look for a Consumer Reports Used Car buying guide, available at most bookstores and maybe a library. They have detailed reliability information for a range of years.

There may be a source online as well. Good luck.

You’ll want to post this on a Jaguar forum.

That is like asking what was the best model deck chair on the Titanic.


Keeping one on the road is a labor of love, not an investment ( though maybe so in another decade).

Great idea, thank you!

OUCH!!! I guess it’s also a “girl thing” because I just LOVE it’s styling. But come on, 160K isn’t bad, right? These models basically had the Lincoln engine and BMW transmission. The most common problem I had were coils and plastic coolant tank leaks which I see on the Jag forum posts as well.