2003 Jaguar S-Type with 78Kmiles

What are the pros and cons of these cars? Looking for smooth riding and driving highway car for light commuting. Thanks

I have two pretty well off friends, one flys for a major airline, another is in the upper levels of the “IT biz” both have Jaguars and no amount of me pointing out the cars “bad points” makes them want to sell off their Jags (these are “pre=FORD influenced” Jags). If this is a car you like and want and can afford they are automobiles that say “style” all in capital letters.From what I have seen the Jag/FORD connection while it was at its maximun only did good things for the car.

A friend of mine bought one brand new. She wanted a “pretty car.” It was in the shop once a month, usually for electrical problems. She traded it for a different vehicle, at a huge loss, after a year.

I wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole.

I agree.

People who are familiar with this marque buy Jags because they admire their style and grace, and are willing to deal with reliability that is…let’s just say…not so good. Those who are not familiar with this marque’s reputation are likely to be sorely disappointed when the car winds up spending time in the shop on a regular basis.

If you are looking for a second car to drive on weekends, and if you have the money to spare for an expensive car (and its expensive maintenance and repair bills), then go ahead.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a car that is both reliable and economical for commuting purposes, I think that you should look at other brands.

MSN Autos says it is a reliable car but has occasional problems with the climate control system. The repair will be less than $900 if needed. Edmunds calls it an Editor’s Most Wanted car, but does not have True Cost to Own data. When they do have TCO data, the cost is high, implying that parts and labor are expensive since it is a reliable car. Since you own several other cars, this could be an excellent addition. Is this the base model with the V6 or V8 or the supercharged V8?

Oops, I was looking at the 2000’s poor record. By 2003 the S type’s up to ‘average’ on CR. Trouble spots remained with the transmission and engine cooling. Have it checked over first, then go have fun!

You may want to go to the library do a search through the back issues of Consumer Reports. I believe that Consumer Reports actually did a comparison test between the Jaguar and some other luxury cars. As I remember, Consumer Reports was not overly impressed with the Jaguar in either the ride or the handling. It seems to me that Consumer Reports also thought the legroom in the back seat was rather tight.

I too recommend stopping at the bookstore and looking at a Consumer Reports Used Car Buyers’ Guide. The 2003 was well into the Ford years, and while its reliability was improved over the pre-Ford Jags, it was not up there with Lexus. But I have to admit, they are a sweet ride. I seem to recall that while is was classy it had not kept up with comparable luxury cars in its class. It was “dated”.

If that’s what you want and you can afford the lower reliability (and have a backup vehicle), I say go for it. As long as you go in with your eyes open.