2007 Jaguar X-Type opinions

I am about to buy a 2007 X-Type with 92000Kms ,it it the 3L AWD model
Has any one had any major issues with this model and if so what
Thank you

Cheers Michael ( Australia)

12 year old car, it’s reliability is mostly dependent on how well it was maintained in the past. Pay your mechanic to check it out thoroughly before purchase. If the owner won’t allow that, walk away.

Jaguar’s don’t have a very good reliability record in general, so even if it were found with no problems by your mechanic, it could need major repairs in a year or so.

As Bill Russell said, Jaguars generally have a poor reliability record, and even if this car checks out well, budget about twice the amount for ongoing maintenance compared to a more mundane vehicle.

The company where I worked had a stock clerk buy a used Jaguar V12. Nice car but in the first year the steering rack went out and it cost $1200 to replace it compared to $300 or so for a regular US vehicle at that time.

Owning a Jaguar is like having a temperamental girlfriend with very expensive taste. Your decision to make.

Without knowing the market in Australia, all I can say is that here in the U.S. a 12 year old Jag would be considered a very poor risk that could easily bankrupt the purchaser. Even if it checks out clean, reliability is poor and cost of repair high.

Its ok to own a Jaguar when the warranty is in effect…not when the warranty is over. They can become real money pits.

Have you checked a Jaguar on line community? Not many people that come to this board have Jaguars. You will get more experienced motorists at a board like that. Consumer Reports has no information on Jaguars either, since too few of their readers own them.