2003 Jaguar X-Type

I have owned my X-Type for almost a year, and have put more than 10,000 miles on it without any problems.

My concern is that I have seen an article saying this is one of the top ten worst cars ever.

I want to know how other peoples cars have worked for them. Please take the time to respond with positive or negative remarks.

I would not worry too much about it. First the best Jaguar is going to be far better than the worse Honda or Toyota or whatever came first on the list.

If you like it and it is not causing you any special problems, by all means keep it. I rented on once and much to my surprise I really liked it.

Jaguar has had a poor reputation for reliability, mainly due to its electrical system, for a long time. However, Ford bought Jaguar and made great improvements in its quality. If you have the v-6 or v8 engine, its probably a Ford and should give you good service, if its the straight 6, enjoy it while you can. When it starts giving you trouble, some enthusiast will gladly buy it from you because they are beautiful cars. In the end, you won’t really loose much and in the meantime, you have one of the most beautiful cars ever designed.

They’re just more expensive to maintain. Some (most) reliability problems are of the nuisance variety. If you can afford the Jaguar, you can afford the maintenance. Comparing before buying is a good idea if you are going to worry about things.

My grandma had an '02 4-cylinder and it treated her quite well. Regular maintenance costs a lot on any Jaguar, and I think that keeps some owners from performing it. It’s necessary. Treat the car well, bring it in to the dealer at the recommended intervals (and I’m a guy who rarely suggests the dealer), and it’ll be good to you.