Jaguar MK2

How does Jaguar MK2 which I’ve seen in works?

It works essentially like any internal combustion-powered car with a front engine and rear drive wheels–albeit with a lot less reliability than most.

If you plan on buying one of these cars, don’t be lulled by the beautiful appearance and the legendary competition history, as keeping it running for the first couple of years will cost at least as much as the purchase price. This is a car for a wealthy collector or hobbyist who would drive it only occasionally.

Agree with VDC. I came close to buying one of these in the 60s, but my company’s car and mileage allowance could not come close to covering the predicted operating costs.

The regional manager of Caterpillar had one, and his car allowance was a whole lot more than mine. His was definitely not trouble-free.

Any car this age will be problematic. It would be a fine hobby car, but not something you should expect to drive more than occasionally. It will also be 30 to 40 years old. Most cars today will drive better that the MK-2, since there have been numerous improvements in all areas over the last 40 years. If none of that bothers you, enjoy your new Jag.