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What I found under my car

1996 300 D

I found this part under my car, I looked under the car and could not locate where it should be connected. Its 51/4" long end to end, it looks like a 3/4" closed end wrench on both sides with a 1/4" rode attaches both openings. The part appears to have had a bushing pressed into the openings they are Smooth, at first I thought it might have been brass looking on the inside of the opening, but a magnet does work.

Where, what and how?

Sounds like you’re talking about this.

If so, you’ll need to replace both. The car has 2 of them.

Boy . . a picture sure speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it? Rocketman

That might be a stablizer bar end link. Remove the front tire and check to see if the link between the stabilizer bar and strut is missing.