2002 chrysler problem

what part is this and where does it go? thanks

Well, I am going to start with where did the part come from? Did you find it inside the car, under the car, in the trunk? What is not working or making noise on your car. What makes you think that it came from your car? This info will help us help you figure out what it is. It looks like it may be some type of latch or hinge with a catch.

im no car expert but it came from inside the car under the wheel and car ignition. The car works fine but we just want to know where to exactly put it.

I have no idea what that is. But somebody here with Chrysler experience might know, so no harm asking. If you can’t figure it out, you could try that google image compare function and see if google can find it for you. You’d want to take another photo of it first, against a white background, and from several different angles. I’ve used that google image compare function myself before, but can’t recall exactly how to do it.

That looks like the steering lock pin, put it in the glove compartment (I think that you will have a hard time reassembling the steering column).

Did someone recently work on the steering column or ignition lock?

Oh, you mean you found it under the steering wheel, right?

yes, there was a compartment where you could open under it and it fell from there

I did work on the ignition lock, ill see what i can find and just show you

this enhanced copy may help.

I can’t tell if it is cast metal or plastic ?? OP ?
also, what is the approx length?

Looks like a plastic brace or spacer that snaps onto something larger.

I’m not sure what it is either, but from the background relay map I’d say it’s only about 4 inches long.


That’s not a relay map, it’s an Acer laptop. :wink: I’d guess around 1.5-2 inches based on comparing it to the keys you can see in the wider shot at the top.

The ignition lock ass’y has something that sort of looks like that on my Corolla. I expect Nevada’s ignition lock source above is correct. On the Corolla anyway, if that part wasn’t installed, I doubt the lock would be able to work correctly. But never tried it, so don’t know. OP, does the ignition lock seem to work ok, lock the steering wheel with the key removed, etc?

I believe it also locks the shift lever so it can’t be taken out of park without the key.