My Stabilizer Sway Bar Link

is like borken ( the top part) but the bottom part is attatched ? how do i fix this

looks like this…

Replace it with a new one.



Most sway bar links just unbolt and bolt back on. it’s an easy fix.


Unless one of the attachment points are rusted away, or the remaining attaching bolt/pivot/joint is rusted in place. Break out the cutting wheel. In any case get it replaced before it gets wedged somewhere it shouldn’t and causes other problems.


Those gadgets must be fairly robust, I rarely see them laying in the road. When the interface from one of these to another gets loose, they start to make a noise going over bumps, pretty common complaint here. OP, an aftermarket repair manual (Chilton’s, Haynes) will likely have a diagram of how that part fits in with the other parts. Most any good shop should be able to fix it for you.

For more info, suggest to post model and model year.

Some stabilizer links are plastic.


Because ONE end breaks first and people notice noise or handling issues or the thing hanging down they never saw before.


Or, they use a tubular sway bar with crushed ends like GM likes. Then the bar rusts and snaps off.

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Mine were more like quarter inch steel rods with the connectors on the end. They were supposed to have flats on them for a wrench to hold them while you remove the nut, but mine were just round. Cutting them off was easy and fairly cheap to replace. However I would not have been able to fit the angle grinder to cut the bottom if the strut was not out.