Need to know what this part is

Hello. Have been doing repairs on my car and found this bolt is very loose, don’t know what to look for as I don’t know what it’s called or even what it does. If someone knows the name, that would be swell.

Thank you.

Stabilizer bar end link.


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Awesome, thank you.

These bolts will rotate as the bushing compress. Unless you can visibly move the stabilizer bar up and down you can leave it alone.
If you decide to replace it, with a full kit, do both sides.

Normally they just rust and break. I think the last ones I bought were about $20 for the pair.

I got a pair to do both, need to replace the calipers as well since those are rusted solid. Figured I’d replace what I can while I’m there.

Yeah, they are pretty cheap so I just decided to replace them. So far, it’s been a pain in the ass. All the bolts are so rusted I can’t pop them loose. I also think my ratchet is to small, will need to pick up a bigger one tomorrow.

An 18" breaker bar of a good make with a selection of pipes that just fit over it from 2 ft to 5 ft will break loose or break off almost any bolt or nut. They make 25" breaker bars but they are a little clumsy.

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If you have an angle grinder with a cut off wheel, just cut it in two if you can get in there. For putting them on, the hardest part for me was getting the bolt up enough and compressing the last rubber bushings so you could get the nut started. It’s been a while but seems to me I put a bottle jack under the bolt head and jacked it up enough to be able to get the nut started. Then it’s just tightening them down. Air tools help. Maybe the pros have a better way of compressing the sway bar.


Get some penetrating oil and spray it on the bolts. Give it a half hour to overnight and see if that helps. When my 1/2” ratchet won’t budge the bolts, I pull out my 18” breaker bar. That always works. I don’t think there is enough room to whack a manual impact wrench with a hammer.

Currently using what looks like a 6" wrench and a shit ton of WD-40. Let it soak overnight and still no luck. Will look into a bigger wrench and breaker bar today.

Try something like PB Blaster, it’s a lot more effective than WD-40 is

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My preferred tools to remove end links; cutting torch, sawzall or cutting wheel.

Just wanted to give an update and huge thank you to everyone here. It took me a week to do this work, would’ve been longer without the advice, I’m cartarded. I managed to replace the top control arm, bottom ball joint, tie rod, caliper, brake pads and rotor. One side down, now that i know what to do I’m hoping the other side will go a lot smoother.


Wat to go, great to see someone have success doing their own work.