What did you do this time?

I have noticed that I have to click on the back button at least twice to get back to the recent discussions page after viewing a post. If the post has several pages and I go from one page to another, hitting the back button keeps taking me to the “latest” page of the discussion and not back to the list of discussions as it should. To go back, I have to drop the box on the return to previous page and select recent discussions.

I noticed when I do this, that there is a doubleclick ad page interleaved between the pages of each post and between the post and the discussion page. I have doubleclick ads blocked so I don’t see them.

Mac 10.5.8, Safari.

Same issue here, on both my desktop (Windows 7, Chrome) and phone (Android 4.1, Chrome). I would guess there’s a script that takes you to the earliest post in the thread that you haven’t read. So if you’ve clicked through several pages, the back button on your browser takes you to the previous page but then the script returns you to the latest one. The history must be stored in your account data, since it doesn’t do this when you’re not logged in.

So, I’d say this is probably a feature, not a bug. :slight_smile:

I am not experiencing this problem on my laptop using IE 10.0.9200.1660.
Clues such as this may help the web lackeys to figure out the problem that others are having.

I open discussions by right-clicking the links and then clicking “open link in new tab.” When I want to go back to the “recent discussions” page, I just click on that tab, or close the other tabs.

I use Google Chrome with the AdBlock extension installed, so I hardly ever see banner ads. When I do see an ad, I right-click it, and click “block this ad.” It makes for a much nicer web surfing experience. On some sites, it even blocks commercials in online videos.

These “doubleclick” ads are all over the internet. So much so that the only way I use the back button is to hold down the left mouse button for a second until the menu appears. I then choose the page that I want to go back to. It works every time.

Those doubleclick ads are sometimes the result of adware (spyware) that you accidentally let get in stalled on your computer. Go into your browser settings to make sure there aren’t any extensions installed that you don’t know about.

You might also use your anti-virus software to scan for spyware and remove it.

You might also consider installing extensions like “ScriptSafe” and “FlashBlock” to make surfing the internet safer. They work like firewall software, where they are cumbersome at first, but after you tell them which sites are safe, they don’t get in the way and add a layer of protection that protects your computer.

This only happens on this board, it does not happen at the other boards I visit.

I’m on an iPad and I get the same double click return. I doubt that I have a virus or adware. It must be an Undocumented Feature of Vanilla. Or it’s the NSA. One click so they know what you’re up to and one to go back one page.

Hi, I wasn’t aware of any changes made, but I am sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll ask for some wisdom from the developer types.

I notice the same odd behavior of the back button if I’m browsing on my Android tablet. On my various PCs running Firefox, the site behaves normally when the back button is used. On the tablet, I open links to posts in new tabs as a workaround, then close the tab when I’m done to return to the original tab with the topic listing.

In Safari on my iPad, I notice that scrollback menu has an extra entry at the top for the thread I’m reading. This is true whether I post a response or not.

Well before I had trouble with IE and switched to Firefox for Car Talk. Since yesterday, I’m having trouble with Firefox but IE seems to work. Can make it in but just stalls on opening up a thread. Did a bunch of updates and cleaning so maybe thats it.

For what it’s worth, I noticed my script blocker is blocking a script called ad.doubleclick.net. After hearing about the problems you all are having, I think that is the key to my successful trouble-free browsing.

This seems to be getting worse as more of these ad.doubleclick.net scripts are showing up between the pages on this website while using safari. The ad.doubleclick.net does not open up so I don’t know what it is doing. I turned off scripts in safari, but then this website doesn’t work correctly if I do that. I use GLIMS to turn them off and it’s an all or nothing.

I have found that if I use TenFourFox instead of safari, there are scripts being blocked but the banner showing the blocked scripts is too small and moves to quickly for me, there are a lot of scripts being blocked but this site works just fine and the ad.doubleclick.net does not show up in the drop down menu of the back button.

BTW, it never shows up in history in either internet app.

added info, I got the banner to stay up for awhile. It is not showing that ad.doubleclick.net is being blocked but it is showing that only partial scripts are being allowed from vanilla and google and a couple other sites I never heard of.

Maybe the NSA is tracking me. They will die of boredom if they are.

Maybe the NSA is tracking me. They will die of boredom if they are.

If someone is tracking me, I like to mess with them. Google DVD movie downloads, then search for different firearm reviews, then search for country music videos, then maybe some grunge rock or heavy metal music downloads, then maybe some Japanese anime tv and music, then get on facebook and play some games for a little bit, some oddball XXX stuff, maybe a little CNN and Fox news visits, too.
Keep them guessing and make them wonder what kind of weirdo I am. :smiley:

I was just kidding.

And today, the problem has cleared up, no more ad.doubleclick.net, returns to previous page when I hit the back button once. I don’t know what you did to fix it but thanks.

Or maybe the NSA has given up on me :wink:

We have Carolyn to thank for it, I think.

@cdaquila, thanks for removing the annoying second click.

Hey, fellas. I am happy to hear the second click went away. If it returns, holler with the @ Bat Signal, or email me at Carolyn at cartalk dot com, OK?

I’m not sure what changes have been recently made, but now I must disable my ad/script blocker or I get “something has gone wrong” at random times, and browsing the site is now near impossible on my Android tablet with no ad blocker turned on.