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"Back to Discussions" button missing

It is missing at the bottom left in the post comment box. I rely on that button so I don’t have to hit the “back” button twice after leaving a post. It was here yesterday.

Make that “Recent Discussions” button is missing when you go to the post from the recent discussions page. Now it directs you to the specific forum that the post you are viewing came from. I always use recent discussions so I don’t have to jump through all the forums separately.

Clicking on the “options” button doesn’t do anything either. I am using TenFourFox on a PowerMac with LeopardOS. TenFourFox is the FireFox for older Macs like mine.

It works with Safari, but I can’t post or edit a post with safari anymore. I wanted to change the title to “Recent Discussions” button missing

The options button is locking up for me. I have tried to edit or delete posts I made, but the function freezes. I use IE9.

I posted a Q about - maybe - this in the sticky New Car Talk thread. It had to do with the fact that we used to have a link for returning to recent discussions. Now its a link only to whichever forum the thread is in. So its not an issue of functionality - just a feature/link logic that was changed. I found the Recent Threads link much more convenient.

I have to assume it is a simple thing, or I wouldn’t mention it.

Hey guys - just an update. We’re not able to change the links below without a customization to the board’s template. We’ve had to pace ourselves on the customizations due to resource constraints, so it can go on the to-do list. For now, bulk up those mousing fingers and try to use the Recent Discussion link at the top of the page.