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Reading new posts

When I read a new post, the only way I can get back to the other new posts is to click on the car talk logo, scrolling back up no longer works. However once I read a new post and leave it, it disappears and I can no longer find it. It is not in latest or suggested. How do I find it again.

Hi oldtimer. Do you mean that when you return to the discussion list you no longer see the topic title? I’d double check when you’re on (i.e. The main forum page) you look in the row up top to make sure you’re viewing Latest, rather than just the New Topic titles. (There’s a row of filters that permit you to see just new topics, or all the recent chronological titles.)

If anybody is having a similar issue, please chime in.

Use the browser’s “back” button. That’s what I do

I just found the maintenance category. When the format changed I did not see that heading anymore and didn’t realize I had to click on categories to find it. I didn’t look for it because I could open new or latest posts without going to categories.

I wish websites came with directions, Sometimes I can’t ask for help because I don’t know I don’t know something that is apparently obvious to everyone else.

That’s how I do it too. But I’ve noticed a problem when using the browser’s “back” button in some situations. In particular when scrolling through the “activity” tab postings from my own user’s page. The old software allowed me to look at a posting from that list, then use the “back” button to return to where I was looking in the list. The new software always returns to the top of the list.