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Clicking back button

Does anyone besides me have to click the back button twice to exit a thread ? Only happens on this site .

using Firefox and IE, one click works for me.

Back button works for me. But I usually just click the Car Talk Community logo and have mine set for latest posts. After they are a few hours old I no longer care about them.

Sloepoke it it is not just you sometimes I have to do it 2 or 3 times or more & sometimes I need to close & re open,

I use firefox & always have to click the back button twice .

I right click on the thread I want, open it in a new tab, read and then close it. No need for going back unless I get real nostalgic :smile:

Are you talking about when you just read a post or when you reply to one?

I have had no problem clicking the car talk icon by the title of the post, or the link in my bookmarks toolbar.

If I open & read a thread & then want to go back to the forum , I have to click the back button twice . Also , why is it that some threads have a blue dot with a number in it signifying new replies & other threads have new replies but no blue dot with a number in it ?

If you click on the Car Talk community logo and you go back to the topic list problem solved.

Thanks VOLVO , that works .