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I get signed out when I go back

A very annoying problem. Whether I read a post or add a comment, I am signed out when I page back to the base page ( e.g., General Discussion). I have one or two extra clicks for every post read.

IPad using iOS 7.0.4, Safari browser.

Are you sure you’re getting signed out? Possibly the iPad is just caching the previous pages and you’re seeing an old page, prior to when you signed in. Also, check your account settings and make sure you have the “Keep me signed in” option selected.

You might also try opening posts in a new tab or window if your browser supports that, then close the tab or window instead of browsing back. (on my Android phone, hitting page back closes the new window, on my tablet, I can click the little ‘x’ to close a tab) Opening posts in a new tab also speeds up browsing somewhat for a lot of sites, as the site doesn’t have to reload the original content when browsing back.

There are no account settings that might deal with this issue. When I go back to the previous page, I expect to go to that page and no other. I don’t think it has anything to do with Safari.

Even if I’m not signed in, I don’t end up going to the login page on any of my devices if I hit “back” Do you have another device to try? If this only happens on your iPad, it pretty much has to be Safari. Check Safari’s settings too. Make sure it is loading fresh copies of a page when needed and not just using cached pages.

Hi, I am sorry you’re having this problem. We’re in the process of trying to debug some issues related to logging out. Are you using your browser’s back button? Or how are you getting back? I’m not totally clear from the way you wrote it.

I’ll bet $100 you are using internet explorer! Try firefox with adblocker add in.

Carolyn, I use the back button. It happens when I move back one screen at a time or when I hold the button down and go directly to the topic page. It does not always occur, but when it does, there is a delay going back a page.

@Barkydog, pay up. I’m using Safari, as stated in the original post.

@jtsanders I will fax it to you shortly, most humble apologies,.

Hey, we’re friends here. Just deposit in my inbox above the original post.