Best turbo for a 2005 Ford Mustang

What is the best turbo for the 4.0 mustang

Did your Mustang come with a turbo?


This is the wrong place to ask that question.

If you are.looking for a kit, the internet is your friend. If you just want to choose a turbo size, I’d suggest looking at Garrett’s website.

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I didn’t email… the site sends you a message if you allow it to.

It looks like a good turbo kit will cost you $2500-$3500, plus installation. I might consider selling my 4.0 and taking the cash plus the $3000-$4000 I’d spend on the turbo and buying the best 5.0 I could find.


Agreed. I’d rather have a V8 than a turbo-anything any day of the week. Especially an aftermarket, non-factory installed turbo.

But your results may vary.

I want to say that the 4.0L SOHC has cast internals (rods/crank/pistons), so you’ll have be pretty conservative with boost. I’m not aware of any purpose built turbo kits for it. Though Shelby did do a supercharged 4.0L SOHC at one point. I’m not sure what supporting mods it had though.

I’d be reluctant to add boost to a 15 y.o. engine that probably has a lot of miles on it without a “freshen up” rebuild.
So add at least another $1000 for that.