Removing old turbo and installing a new turbo unit

to make it short and sweet I had a garret G25 or t25 , not sure on what letter, would have to check papers.

Anyways, was gonna pay 700-800 for rebuild, week later they told me the casing is flaking away and needs a new housing unit to stop the leak.
at that point im just guessing itll hit 1k+ maybe even $1400.

If i were to be a degenerate since, pipes are all there, oil lines are already to go, fuel injectors already in, the full TSI kit is on the car.

Can i simply find another turbo unit thats compatible with the car. Online head units can be $200-1000 bucks, not a G25 which is about 2k but at this point ill throw a rinky dinky part in it if it last 50,000 miles and is cheap just will re-tune it.

I’ve never seen a turbo do that?


Is this an aftermarket kit? Not factory, right?

Yes TSI extreme turbo kit aftermarket.

turbo is 9 years old, 80k miles on just that unit.

Was told over the phone, not in person, could the shop be trying to milk me out for couple more hundred for fake repair, not sure… there actually turbo remanfacturing shop that does a lot of desial truck work

I’ve rebuilt many turbos, and have never seen the case flake.

The turbo side is cast iron which see’s the hot gasses, and the compressor side is cast al/mag which see’s clean air.


He said it was happening near the piston inside the garret.

I’ve never seen a piston in a turbo… The kit you linked uses a Garrett GT28 ball bearing turbo and this site sells them new for $1000.

Buy an new turbo and chuck the old one, done.


I’ve never seen a turbocharger flake and have no idea in the world what a piston in a turbo is.There are no pistons. A compressor wheel, turbine wheel (or impeller) and a waste gate in some cases is about it.

Ask your guy to provide a pic of this piston and post it. I’d like to see it.


Yeah, either you’re misunderstanding what the mechanic is saying, or the mechanic is full of it. Turbos are turbines, not piston-driven air compressors (which is why with a little fiddling you can make a jet engine out of one ;).


You can use that same technique to eliminate turbo lag… hard on the turbo but fun.


hmm hate to be the person to ask, bet it makes your skin crawl. $1,000 turbo vs lets say $500 turbo (obv not $100 some china ebay one) would that be okay if im not looking to drive all the time and probably selling in a year or two. Or will nothing be compatible like the pipping for the kit.

For the turbo, wrong link, i just thought there’s only 1 TSI kit for that car
but called the recite that i got with the car, read off the invoice to the performance shop that installed everything. To try getting the part number so mechanic could get new shell casing. He also read off GT25, anyways. Could I upgrade to GT28 if its not much more? but that brings back to whats compitable for starting over with kit piping already on it and exhaust and all that.

Probably misspoken, I thinking he was saying it was near the piston where the flaking was happening and it would need a new cause because thats whats probably causing the leak is some form of flaking (9 year old 80k mile turbo) first turbo so not sure.

I guess once i figure out what turbo to order and when i bring it, ill ask to look at it.

He was referring to the waste gate cover, it is disk shaped, not piston shaped so tomorrow return to the shop and hit your mechanic in the head with a dictionary and how soon you get your car repaired (bickering about proper terminology is unnecessary).

Whether the old housing is distorted, burned, cut or flaking, the end result is the same, it is not serviceable.

I assume I let my turbo go behind worth repair/rebuild.

Looking for a new one can i easily upgrade to g28 ? probably just a tune, or will only tsi parts fit a G25, and lastly can any turbo made for this car model and year fit on with old kit parts as future reference.

also what should be a fair labor charge for removal and instillation of the turbo, since they took 2 weeks just to remove it, i cant even guess what it’ll cost me now im not doing the rebuild.

he called again so decided to verify, whats the problem besides the rebuild needing to be done?

the inside near the bearing is flaking away, by the piston.

would this make more sense.

There is no piston inside a turbocharger.



In damned near every turbocharger failure the cause of that failure is oil related. Meaning oil changes are not regular enough, the oil level is chronically low, an oil galley feed is restricted due to sludge, etc.

The more unusual causes are whaling on a turbocharger at full boost and then shutting the engine down suddenly or the turbocharger inhales something like a rock.

There is no piston in a turbo nor is there one in a supercharger either so I have no idea what he is calling a piston. Couple of fan blades, shaft, bearings, and housing is it. A turbocharger is the mechanically simplest thing on a car other than fuses and lug nuts.

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Now you are going to get whacked in the head with a dictionary, the waste gate valve is not "piston " shaped.

If the area of the waste gate has any type of heat damage and does not seal, the housing is not usable.

While true, I don’t trust the diagnosis. If the mechanic still insists that turbos have pistons, or is calling the wastegate a piston, then he doesn’t know enough to be working on or diagnosing turbos. Time to take it to a different shop.

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