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Website question about user notify

What is the proper syntax for user notify for people with a space in their handle?

I confess, rattlegas, I have no idea what you’re asking.
What is it you’re trying to do? To the best of my knowledge, the system recognizes the spaces as if they were letters.

I am asking about the user notify feature of the comment box were you use the @ symbol and a users name for the purpose of notifications. It works great with usernames like @rattlegas but will not work with names that have spaces like @the same mountainbike

Try quotes.

Can you be more specific or show example?

I use an underscore. For example, if my wife gets her own handle and uses Mrs Triedaq, I think that @Mrs_Triedaq would work.

However, let’s all hope she doesn’t get her own handle on this website.

The underscore dos not work. For example (below) if I use the underscore instead of spaces on a real username it will not notify or take you to his profile.


@rattlegas–thank you for the correction. I assumed it worked based on other times I have strung things together, so I assumed it would work here. I should have tested it.

Let’s see if this works: @“the same mountainbike” … nope
"@the same mountainbike" … no
@the%20same%20mountainbike …

On a positive note this shows how to avoid the notifications: just put a space in your handle.

I think what you’re asking is how do you write their name? You can’t use any spaces in the name even though they have them so the same mountain bike has to be written “thesamemountainbike” without the quotes. Also after their name you have to leave a space. You can’t punctuate right after their name. At least thats the way I think it works for me.

Lets test that. @thesamemountainbike

Oh rats, another swing and a miss.

I"ve tried just shortening the name to “mountainbike” but that just brings up 3 other mountainbike monikers. @cdaquila ?

I searched for the problem on and no luck either.

I have had success using the _ (shift and - _ key as a placeholder for a space), firefox, though that should not make a difference. maybe @the_same_mountainbike would be kind enough to confirm, does not seem to work, how about copy and paste link location? Well that works, CH CH CH CHANGES now whats up with the varnish errors?

Sure you can link to a profile page but the @notification will still not work.

let’s try

Yup, I get varnish errors when I try to do some administrative functions. I don’t know what this is all about. Let’s hold out til tomorrow, shall we? It is also a very good question about using the notify function with usernames with spaces. I’ll ask.

Update: sadly, none of us can summon Mr Mountainbike by bat signal, because Vanilla’s notify function doesn’t work with usernames with spaces at this time.

It needs to be in quotes.

@“the same mountainbike”

Sometimes it’ll auto-type for you.

Hmm, curious. Support told me they hoped to implement it someday. Perhaps they already have. The auto-populate hadn’t worked for me. Thanks, Mike.