What is the meaning of this?

Up toward the top of each discussion I look at is my handle. Next to that handle is a white number in a red box. Recently that number went from nearly 300 to 10. At least that’s the least I noticed. Does everyone see their own number? What is that number for?

Good question, I wondered about that also. Mine is at 271.

I’m not seeing what the two of you are apparently seeing.
All I see is my ID photo, my handle, and my red tool chest “ranking”.

I was instructed to click on my handle and open NOTIFICATIONS to cancel that number. That worked OK for me. But my number never got past 3 so apparently I’m not too popular around here… No respect anywhere I go.

Yeah, that’s the notifications counter. It tells you if somebody either used your screen name or responded to one of your original posts. Used to be it would go away if you viewed the post, now you have to click on Notifications to get rid of it.

The number is how many people have replied to your posts or mentioned you in a reply with the @ symbol, like @MG_McAnick, that you haven’t viewed. There, your count should have gone up by one.

Now I know why I see people using the @ …

texases, Rod Knox, and Mustangman are all correct.

And PS Mr. Knox, it isn’t that you’re unpopular – it’s one of the quirks of our system that people with spaces in their usernames don’t get picked up as well by the bat signal.

My post seemed to fixe the space issue by adding an underbar instead of the space. That picked it up, I think. A little cumbersome though.

@cdaquila - does using the “" work as a replacement for a space? Or does it go looking for a username with a "” in it?

@texases, no, the system considers a name with an underscore to be different from a name with the space. It tries to insert quotes around the names with spaces, but it doesn’t seem to trigger the linking function a la @“Rod Knox” …

I thought at first the number was my IQ but then I saw there was not a decimal point in front of the 2

"I thought at first the number was my IQ but then I saw there was not a decimal point in front of the 2"

I was thinking more like Metric IQ or maybe hat size, eh?

I have found differently, Plan a the _ works for mentioning a poster such as @MG_McAnick The autofill did that one! Say yes to this!

or say plan b also @“MG McAnick” get either Mr MG? ps gotta go back and look at a roadside price for probably a 68 mgb convertable, missing the 1968 mgc gt I missed out on, could not det the loan in time before my bosses trade in, that was 1 fun drive!
Funny plan a I get the stick figure icon, clicking on his name, and plan b I get the mg icon! Plan a no history, plan b all the stats, though there were now quotes on the front and end of plan b.
I think the secret is to put quotes on the front and end of a user name with spaces, and that will make it a text only recognition as it may be a darabase that without quotes fails!

Does anyone really care about these stats???

Sports shows, they make useless stats about everything. " look at that Joe, (insert players name) is only 1 for 9 when he has the ball inside the 20-25 yard mark and only 57 secs. To go in the 3rd quarter in games that are on the 3rd Sunday of odd numbered months after 7 pm local time, hey joe you still with me on that, what do you think? Hey Joe, wake up man we’re on the air here". Any ways I digress.

I, for one, have mixed feelings about those little numbers because it usually means a) something went wrong or b) I’m on duty as Car Talk Plaza’s ambassador to South Korea. :wink:

It could be worse. You could be the ambassador to North Korea. :wink:

Yeah, I was wondering about that too, right now my number is 465 and I haven’t even been active here that long.