Change username

Can I change the username assigned to me? Or can a moderator do that for me? I’d strongly prefer a more anonymous, generic name. Thank you.

@cdaquila can you give them a hand?

Send a private message to Carolyn are esteemed Moderator @cdaquila but seriously you are anonymous now . Unless you put you email address - your home town or anything else the only people that can find you will be NSA . On your profile you can even set it the you don’t receive email notices . I have mine set that I don’t get email replies to my posts .

Hi. I sent Barbara a pm but thanks for the bat signal @VOLVO-V70 and @pyrolord314.

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I wonder if Barbara sees her email address on her profile page and thinks we can all see it which we can’t .

What a messed up system.

Why do you say the system ( what system? ) is messed up ?

Some of us aren’t as anonymous as you’d think. My user name–which is not the one I signed up with–contains part of my email address

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I’m happy to change anybody’s username who requests it. There seems to be an intermittent issue where the display name is not what people signed up with. I’ve asked before based on login process, registration method, use of social sign on, and I can’t figure it out. I am sorry for the trouble and will do what I can to help.

It happened to me (now fixed.) Thanks whoever did it.)

To contribute to the solving (My suggestion, check for available updates to the back-end forum/bulletin board software the website is using.)

A second thought: In my case, if I’m remembering correctly, upon creating the account, I could go straight to making my first post. I wonder if things would have been different if I had logged out then back in? (that would still be a bug in the bulletin board software, but it might explain why everyone doesn’t have the problem.

What problem ?

Assuming your real first name isn’t “Volvo” and your real last name isn’t “C70”, you didn’t want to use your real name here, right?

When people create accounts, in some cases (just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to others), our screen name, in spite of what we think we are choosing ended up including the front part of our email address. So, for a hypothetical person whose email matches their real-life name, for example a "davesmith@ somewhere dot something, their screen name here would be “davesmith_nnnnn” (their name plus some numbers.)

So, just like you, people don’t want their real name as their screen name on a public forum. And the forum software has a problem, where it is not functioning in the way it implies, nor the way other bug-free forum software functions.

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The forum wouldn’t give me the user name I requested–with no explanation–and it sounds like I’m not alone. That sounds like a problem to me.

You can ask Carolyn to change it .

  1. Everyone is used to it now and 2. I shouldn’t have to.
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No, you shouldn’t have to ask, but I am happy to change it if you change your mind. I collected some information from another brand-new user to walk through the problem last month, but the work on it got held up by the holidays. I’m sorry to you and others for the difficulty.


go into your preferences under account you can change your name and avatar. I did it with no problems.

I may be wrong but I don’t think we can change our user name . A moderator can by request.

when you go into preferences and under account, scan down tor name and you can change it and hit save. take a look

@cdaquila Carolyn , am I correct that a person can’t change their user name but can change the name that appears under their user name . I thought only a moderator could change user name .