Changing Username

How can I change my username?
I was assigned a username automatically.

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I dont know but would like some help with this also!

And to think of the time I have wasted trying to decipher acronyms here.

And I always thought your name was Rod Knox. Just kidding. I remember years ago you explaining it.

Well I sure wish I had a cool name like Rod Knox but unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to change “user 1248539” to something a little more descriptive and personal…any help would be greatly appreciated … Thanx.

That’s not his real name. We all use an alias, except maybe a few brave folks. Yeah I agree about just being a number. Maybe you could get it changed to “badge1248539” and people might give you some respect.

Morning, @ellukay_143802…I’m sending you a private message. Can fix that for you!

Or maybe Badge 714, @Bing. For those old enough to recall that… "Just the facts, Ma’am.

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This happened to me, too.
Should be addressed, asap.

What’s wrong with Ten Beers? I just figured you drank two on the way here.

If you like your username changed, please send me a private message.

Thanks for quick response. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the option to send PM anywhere on your profile. Anyways, if you have the authority to change my name to just “Gew”, I would be very happy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Click on Carolyn’s avatar and you will see a box with message in it .

OK. Could you please log out, and log back in with username Gew and your existing password? Should work.

Thanks a lot, it worked a charm!