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Forum issue - red 1 next to my name

There’s a red 1 next to my name - the one that usually signals I have a PM or forum notification. But I don’t, and it won’t go away no matter how many times I open my profile. Am I missing something?

I have also had that problem intermittently with this site.
My best advice is to click on your screen name whenever possible, and…eventually…“the red 1” will disappear.

I have the same problem. Turns out there’s some spacing problem, you can’t click on the ‘1’, so the work-around is to go to your profile then click on ‘notifications’, that should clear it.

I’ll test it: @texases Hmmm, guess I can’t do it to myself. Oh well, see if that works, @shadowfax

Did you click on “Inbox” instead of your name?

Ah, clicking notifications solved it. Didn’t see that over there. That’s what I get for looking at the site on my phone :wink: