Question about posting

How do you do the @so&so in blue in the posts , copy & paste or something different ?

I earned the name what , for what ?
When I posted the original question a box at the bottom of the screen said I earned the name something or other for something or other . Box didn’t stay long enough for me to be sure what it said .

When I posted that part of the @so&so came out blue . Ignore me , I’m just playing .
@Sloepoke @Sloepoke Think I’ve got it .

I think so too. For anyone else with the same question…just add @ before the name with no spacing.

Click on your name in the box at the top of the page and you will see your account. You will see all your stats like the umber of various badges, likes, agrees, disagrees, flags and posts.

When I include an @Sloepoke I get a dropdown list as soon as I hit the @ symbol and start typing. That is a new convenience, as it includes quotes for any names with spaces. It does seem to be case sensitive, but if the dropdown list does not show up for you, In the past I have used an underbar, or as the kids at work tell me underscore for the space placeholder. That would be on my computer at least Above the -, thus shift _

@Sloepoke Also when someone does that to you, you get message number by your name in the topic box or whatever it is. Then you can click on notifications and go right to the comment that someone made using your name. Of course when you start a topic, every time someone posts to it you get another number up there which can get a little annoying.

I checked notifications & earned the name dropper badge . That’s cleared up . Thanks , still learning the site folks .

Welcome, Do not be offended if you feel you lack likes or agrees, I usually am on the low side of doing that as may be many others, but here is one for you!

We’ll work on the numbers but once you get an “abuse” flag its on your record forever whether you deserve it or not.

@sloepoke its good to know that I’m not the only one around here who is technologically ‘slow’. This is a great place to read and learn and occasionally post too. . . .

Agreed. Glad Mr. Sloepoke started this thread; I learned a little about posting. I tend to not be a “clicker,” someone who clicks a link or button or graphic just to see what it does. I usually have to be told about a feature and how it works before I’ll use it.