The site keeps logging me off

I keep having to log back one every 10 minutes. Please fix whatever the glitch is.


Yes the same thing is happening to me. Must be an internet thing.


After not having to sign in for the past year or so, I now find that I have to sign in again every time that I leave the site and then return to it.

Web lackeys:
Can you fix this latest glitch?

In order you help you better please state OS, browser, and add ons :slight_smile: Windows 7pro, Firefox adblock plus no problem.

Good suggestion, but I am running Apple’s Safari and I am also getting the sign in issue. It has my data stored so All I need do is press one button. It does not do it every time, like this time, no problem.

running a dell with windows XP and about 97,000 miles of general user miles. The anti-virus was recently changed, and all the fluids checked.
At first I thought it was the moderator kicking me off because I have had a few of what I thought were innocous posts pulled, but you know they pull em but dont tell you why they pulled em. I dont mind really, as of course this is their house, but It would help me avoid getting more of what I think of as innocent humours post pulled, if they would tell me why they pulled em. After all if my mechanic pulled parts and didnt tell me why…

It just happenend again, and I had not even left this site.
What is going on?

It must be a glitch at the site end. Perhaps the timing belt broke.

Same here. One other thing - I just had a Microsoft update, wonder if that messed up something?

Again this morning, not auto logged on.

Maybe their accounts payable administrator, Imelda Czechs, didn’t ‘mail the checks’ to the web lackeys so now they’re on strike ?

still logged on.

Window has been open all morning, went away for 1/2 hour to pick up the grand nephew, came back and still logged on

two minutes ago…OFF !

It just logged me off again, right after posting a response in another thread.
This is becoming very annoying.

Hi Gang,

Just a quick note from light-starved lackey headquarters. Our pals at Public Interactive, who manage this application for us, are looking into this. Stay tuned.


Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey
Car Talk

Thank you, Doug

I too thank you. I know you folks out there in cyberspace give your best efforts managing the site, and do a great job. Glitches, unfortunately, happen.

just did it to me too

It is only happening to certain “problem” posters. I have never been better:)

It’s a bandwidth thing…Bandwidth cost money…SOMEBODY is paying for it…When too many people sign on, the bandwidth supply cops dump some of the load to keep the site from crashing…