Webpage help needed with show preview » « hide preview while writing a reply

I’m definitely not computer savvy, but I’d like a little help, please.

Apparently I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium on this particular older IBM desk top machine at the summer encampment. Try and be patient while I try an explanation.

There was always a box to the right of where I write a reply to a topic or comment that showed a preview of my response, but it went away a while ago (probably self-inflicted).

It has never come back, despite clicking the show preview » button. Clicking it compresses the box to half page width, but nothing shows to the right, just blank space. Clicking « hide preview expands the box to full page width.

Any ideas ? Please use novice terminology if there’s something for me to try. Thanks!

@cdaquila Carolyn , CSA needs a little help.

Hi CSA. What internet browser are you using? (I mean the program you’re using to visit websites.) I can’t see the preview box myself, and I am using Internet Explorer. So I can replicate your problem.

I know that this program is rather obsolete, so I tried to use Chrome (google’s browser) but the page isn’t loading at all.

Can anyone else see this issue? Thanks.

Carolyn , I lost the preview box for a short time but it came back. Windows 10 I have that may be the only thing supported by Microsoft.

I’m using Chrome (with uBlock Origin) on Windows 10. I do think that something changed for me recently. I initially see a completely blank area in the right half of this panel, although the text that I’m typing now is showing up there. I’m pretty sure there was a box with a label there in the past.

I have only used a mac desktop automatically updated to the latest OSX and the latest Firefox and have never seen a preview button.

Hi Oldtimer, it’s not so much a preview button. When you click “Reply” and the text box comes up, do you see a box on the right side of the panel? It used to appear and show what your text would look like after you clicked the blue Reply button.

That only happens for me when I click on the pencil to edit.

I am running Windows 7 Professional and IE 10. The preview box always worked automatically but has now disappeared. Show Preview does not restore it.

thanks, @sgtrock21.

I’m using Firefox on a windows 10 laptop and the preview shows up just fine. Even shows up when I edit the post.

I use chrome with window’s 8 & preiew box work’s for me.

Chrome on Windows 10, preview box works for me.

Seems to be working fine for me.
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Google Chrome Version 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Hi! Thanks for helping! Sorry I took so long to respond.

I was using Internet Explorer.

After your reply I tried it using Firefox and had the same results… No preview box, just blank screen to the right. :slightly_frowning_face:

We have a newer Lenovo lap top running Windows 10. When I have a chance I’ll fire it up and see if the preview box works on it.