Pestering Post Preview Problem

I don’t start threads often so I don’t know it this is an ongoing problem. After I complete a post I always preview and edit it if necessary before posting it. I’m finding that I can’t use that ‘Preview’ feature when I am the one starting the thread.

When I click on the ‘Preview’ button it disappears and the ‘Cancel’ feature moves over and takes its place. If I click on ‘Save Draft’, nothing happens. If I click on ‘Cancel’ it takes me back to the forum.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Note: I’m using Firefox on Windows 7

For what it’s worth I did test it according to the steps you described and the same thing happens. I guess I never noticed it because I don’t create many threads and never checked it. I’ll send an e-mail to the support people. Thank you.

Till then…post it as is…then go back later to edit…much like we do when we’re responding.

Just for the record, it doesn’t allow me to preview even if I go back to my original opening post to edit it. It appears to be a problem only with the starting post of a thread.

When I post within this thread or any other - I am able to preview it before posting.

There is a preview button?