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Second box

Why when I type a posy or reply is there a duplicate box on the right also showing what I type.

What use is is it?

My guess is so you can see how your typing will be formatted when you hit Reply (especially for people using things like bold faced text and whatnot). There is a button to hide preview below the right hand box :slight_smile:

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The typing looks the same in both boxes.

If you change your formatting you’ll see a difference between the two

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That box also serves to post warnings . . .

Such as the one from a few days ago, where I was accused of monopolizing the discussion, and I should let others put in a few words

That box also displays existing discussions which are deemed to be similar to yours, based on what you’re currently typing. But in my case, those existing discussions have NOTHING in common with my topic of conversation

My second box has a larger font which in my case is helpful.

It also previews any link or photo, which I find useful.

One of the few good things about this new format is that you can see the thread while you are composing your reply.

Thanks all.