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Water under drivers side mat

Under the drivers side mat it’s wet. Not sure where it’s coming from.

I Need A Model - Year For This Jeep Grand Cherokee, Please.


It’s a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee larado trail edition.

Do you have a sun roof? If so, that is a likely suspect. If the drain gets clogged the water ends up in your car. Sunroofs are not water proof, the use gutters and drains to get rid of the water.

I do have a sunrood. Is it easy to clean the sunroof gutters out? And is there a specific way to do so?

Besides sunroofs recent windshield replacement my turn into leaks.

Lastly have you checked in the back seat floor mat area also?

Is this water or coolant?

it’s only on the front drivers side

it doesnt smell like anything, so I’m guessing its water.