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Puddle under back seat

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee. After getting my oil changed and washing my car I embarked on a 3000 mile drive. i started hearing a gurgling sound. after my drive i found that the carpet in the back seat was wet. Further investigation located a puddle, it seems like water, under the passenger side rear seat. There is a black wiring bundle that goes through that space. What is causing my leak?

Please Indicate The Model-Year Of The Jeep Grand Cherokee In Case It Helps With Advice And Let Us Know If The Vehicle Has A SunRoof.

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Orvis with sun roof. Leak not rain related. cleaned up puddle, no rain, no driving and new puddle formed. Do park in area with a lot of pine needles.

You Don’t Relate The Water Leaks To Rain, But Chrysler Relates Some Jeep Grand Cherokee Leaks To Rain And Car Washes.

Jeep says that water can pool on top of the headliner and stay there after the vehicle is exposed to water. When corners are turned or the brakes are applied the water spills out of the headliner.

They inform their technicians to check for leaks at the sun roof drains (one drain in each corner) and also at the roof rack, if equipped. Sometimes sun roof drain tubes need to be cleaned out and this is true on most any vehicle.

For the roof rack Jeep advises removing roof rack scews one at a time and sealing the threads with Mopar Lock And Seal.

Sun roofs naturally leak and drain tubes channel the water outside the car. Should they plug up then water can land inside. In a Chrysler Technical Service Bulletin they talk about a procedure for removing some trim and using water to observe the 4 sun roof drains for proper operation and checking the clamps that secure the drain tubes to the nipples.

Some people who frequent this site recommend using flxible “string trimmer” (weed whip) line inserted into the drains to clean them out. High-pressure air is risky for this purpose.


Thank you. Very helpful.

You’re Welcome.