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Water on drivers side floor mostly behind front seat

We just 3-inches of rain in 12-hour period and got some water on rug in front of driver seat but standing water to the rear of the drivers seat. We had this problem before and blew out the leaves and debris underneath the screen type cover that runs the width of the front window along the bottom of the window.

It is likely it is clogged again. If you did not do it the first time, you may need to clean the drain from that area.

Do you have a sunroof? If so it is a very good chance that the sunroof has one or more clogged drains. You want to carefully clean them. Too much force can disconnect the drains. String trimmer line from the garden store, or compressed air. Again in either case, you want to be gentile.

don’t have a sun roof. when I cleaned the cowling (under the screen) I never was able to see a drain. It seem to just run out the driver side behind the front fender.

Did you recently replaced/changed the windshield? My girlfriend had the similar issue after replacing the front windshield. She drove it without telling anyone for one year. One day I had to use her car and discovered a lot of old towels on the floor with mold smell. I duct taped the outside seals around the windshield & dried up all water & waited for the rain. No water! Called the same glass people who resealed again and no more water & counting.

Tell Me What Model-Year That LeSabre Is, Please.
Let Me Guess That It’s A 2000 - 2005 (GM H-Body) LeSabre.

The way you describe the leak, it’s likely that the door (Driver’s-Side, Rear) nearest the leak is the culprit.

These vehicles have a translucent molded plastic “membrane” between the metal door shell and the vinyl interior trim panel. Doors are designed to leak water, but not into the car !
That membrane is supposed to keep the water channeled outside by forcing the water out the drains in the door shell’s bottom.

The membrane, which is accessed by unclipping and removing the interior trim panel, is sealed to the door shell with a strip of gooey butyl sealant around its perimeter. The butyl sometimes loses its seal at the bottom edge and the rain water no longer is forced to go outside.

In a heavy rain or using a garden hose outside to simulate heavy rain, you might be able to catch it in the act. Look for drips or a little stream after you open the door. The water will be at the bottom edge of the interior trim panel. Dabbing that area with a dry tissue could help your diagnosis.

You can DIY or have somebody (Auto Glass Shop) remove the panel and using denatured alcohol, clean the area of butyl where there’s a void (You can see evidence of water. ) and apply new sticky butyl ribbon (available at most auto glass)shops.

What model-year is this LeSabre ?


My Buick LeSabre is a 1997