How is the water getting in?

We have a 93 jeep grand Cherokee… since moving to Washington state in the winter we’ve found that water (a lot of water) filled up the spare tire wheel well. We found the carpet soaked. So I bailed out the water and looked for how it must be getting in. Within a week of bailing out the spare tire wheel well it had standing water again… the carpet is soaked. Unless it is getting in the rear door seal or the sun roof seal it must be coming from underneath via the road. How can I tell? Is this something best dealt with by a dealer? Or should I take it to an auto body shop? We need to deal with it soon, it is staying wet and the upholstery now smells of mildew. Help.

Sorry I was mixing up cars… it is the 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the leak.

Well the water could be coming in from above, but it also could be coming in from below. Check carefully for any rust holes. That would not be unusual for a 15 year old car.

It’s unlikely (but not impossible) it’s coming in from below: Idf there is a hole letting it in, the same hole will most likely let it back out.

Check the seals around the taillights.