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Water under driver side floor mat

Okay, so I have probably been ignoring an issue with my 2003 Acura TL for way too long. There has been water under my driver side floor mat for quite some time, and it’s recently gotten worse. We’ve had quite a lot of rain come into GA recently, and now it’s turning into PUDDLES of water.
I recently also had my windshield replaced, and they let me know that there was water under there. They said if they had the tools they would have checked my sunroof for a clog, but they let me know about it.
Could it really be my sunroof causing this issue? It only gets wet when it rains so I know there’s a leak somewhere. Just unsure where.
Thank you for the advice!

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Yes, there are drains in the sunroof that drain water that leaks around the edges of the sunroof, and they could be clogged. simple matter to unclog it.

But it could be a door drain clogged also.

You probably have mold under your carpets and possibly rust. You have to remove the carpets and padding and let every thing dry out.


I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard that the sunroof drains (which run from one or more corners of the sunroof) can be cleaned with string trimmer line. I’ve heard that compressed air can also be used, but you have to be careful not to detach any internal connections, so that might be more risky.

BillRussell is correct about the carpet and padding. You don’t want to keep breathing in whatever mold is growing there.

Yes it can be the sunroof drains. I had a problem with a sunroof drain leak on a vehicle from the same Mfg. Here’s what you need to know.