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Mystery water inside jeep grand cherokee

My mother’s 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Water accumulated under rear passenger side seat. Not sure how it could get there. Car is garaged. Leak in door gasket that side?? Any other ideas?

Sunroof?..those drain tubes can clog.

no sunroof

Has the AC been used lately?

If so, and the condensate drain tube is plugged, the water can run down the firewall, under the carpet into back seat floor.


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Good ideas above. For water leaks you just have to test them one by one until you find it. Other possibilities … the drain holes at the bottom of the doors are clogged up. The seals on the windows that roll up and down are not water-tight even when new. So there’s always a little water getting inside the doors during rainstorms or even when washing the car. But there’s a path for any water that gets into the door to immediately drain out of the door at the bottom. Make sure all those drain holes are clear. They’re clearly visible on the underside of the door, when you open the door. Another common leak area is the tail-lights. There’s gasket material above the tail light, check that it hasn’t come loose. The tail light leak entry point is more of a problem for sedans than SUV’s like your mom’s Cherokee. On my truck I had a problem with water hitting the windshield getting inside the cab. I discovered that some of the rain that hits the windshield can go into a fresh air vent just below the windshield. There’s a plastic gadget lower down that separates the water from the air, and drains the water out the bottom. The drain hole can clog up, ask me how I know, hint, rusted floor panels … lol …

Unfortunately that’s true.
I once corrected water getting into the truck of a Camry. Turned out that there was a small chip in the bottom corner of the brakelight lens, almost impossible to see. Water was running down there in the rain and migrating to the spare tire well. That one took some luck to find.

Don’t rule anything out.

Car wash needed. Three people with sponges and a bucket of soapy water will find the leak if it’s near window molding or upper chrome. Engine running and blower on max and the bubbling should be furious.

Tester was right again. A coat hanger opened the AC condensate drain and let out
a lot of water. Thanks.

Good call Tester. Good for you OP to get your Jeep back on the road and dry again.