Water Powered Cars in the news


I can’t believe that CNN had a piece on the water to fuel SCAM and they did not point out that it was a scam!

The interview is on their web site, at least it was when I posted this message. They were interviewing someone who wanted to use the income from selling the SCAM to further his church work.

Can they really be that stupid or do they even care. Their news seems to have been going down hill for years. Like the rest of the news programs it is more like a reality TV show.


“If you can’t find news, make up your own” is the motto these days


“News” and “integrity” are oxymorons. CNN’s poison gas helicopter story, NBC’s staged truck explosion, Dan Rather’s bogus National Guard story, ABC’s crucifixion of Food Lion supermarkets, Fox New’s smiley face garbage, etc. it all reeks.

A local station here has already done their version of the national story by placing their own reporterette in front of the camera talking about this new technology, along with providing a few other gas saving tips:
Overinflate your tires.
Change the fuel filter (no idea on that one unless the car is only running with the pedal to the floor)
Drive somewhere and fill your car up at night (right, at near 4 bucks a gallon make a special trip)
And my favorite, turn the cabin fan switch down to its lowest setting. ???

The sad part is that many people will see that CNN story, buy it as the gospel truth, and proceed to get scammed. Some may wind up posting here and arguing the point; after all, it was on CNN so it must be true.


The local “reporterette” here must have read from the same script, except she added

“Spend an extra $5 for an oil filter on your next oil change”

She did not mention properly inflating your tires, or I missed that.


I just tried to see the ‘report’ for myself. Guess what? CNN Video page says the ‘report’ expired, and I could not find a written page. What a croc!


Most of these Quote - News - Quote stations have many many segments disguised as news but are just advertisements. Fox news is notorious for it. They have all these segments about something…and then they bring in an expert who just happens to have written a book on the subject. Is it really a news segment or a book promotion.


CNN accusing Water power a scam ?

Pot Kettle Black…


CNN accusing Water power a scam ?

No they were reporting on it as if it was something new and a great idea!


Telling people to drive less, walk and bike more, take public transit where possible really saves gas, but is not newsworthy. The Fox News channel has degenerated into dubious entertainment and bigoted harangue. So much for the great US Freedom of Speech guarnteed by the constitution.